Directors & Officers Liability Insurance
Directors & Officers Liability Insurance
This insurance policy protects directors and officers against claims made against them for wrongful acts undertaken in the running of an organisation. Wrongful acts may include breaches of duty or trust, neglect, error, omission, misstatement, misleading statement or other wrongful acts i.e. wrongful termination of employment, public statements of libel and slander, discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, age or disability etc.
There is always a possibility of litigation, whether from shareholders, bankers, creditors, employees, customers, regulators or liquidators. Since the costs & compensations amounts of claims are very high, it is therefore very wise to have this vital cover to protect you & your business against potential claims.
Main Benefits May Cover
> Advancement of defence costs
> Damages awarded against the director or officer
> Exemplary damages for libel and slander
> Company re-imbursement
> Cost of Investigation
> Blanket cover for any person deemed to be a director
> Managerial/supervisory staff included as insured persons
> Employment practice liability insurance
> Crime insurance
> Identity theft costs and expenses
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As insurance products are very complex and so many different to choose from, we understand that it is difficult for you to choose the best cover on your own. Many people make the mistake of simply buying the cheapest cover they find and then discover that they are not able to make a claim. However, you need not to worry anymore, because we at Rainbow Associates, know the insurance business inside out. You can shift all of your hassle & worry to one of our insurance advisors, who will do all the hard work for you from finding the best quote to filling in and submitting all the forms to the insurance company as well as chasing the insurance company to underwrite & accept the cover as soon as possible.
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