Family Living Assurance Plan

What is Family Living Assurance Plan?
Family Living Assurance Plan provides future financial protection for all the members of your family including you, your partner and your children against the risks of dying too soon or suffering from one of the specified serious illnesses like Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer plus many more critical illnesses. Here at Rainbow Associates, we can arrange this fully comprehensive insurance package for you and your family.

An Example of Family Living Assurance Plan
David and Sarah both aged 35 and married with 4 children take this Family Living Assurance Plan—a Life and Critical Illness cover for a fixed term up until age 65 for a sum assured of £250,000. At age 45, David unfortunately suffers from Heart Attack but fortunately survives and recovers after the treatment. David makes a claim and a lump sum of £250,000 is paid to him by the insurance company. After 5 years, at age 50, David suffers from another Heart Attack and unfortunately, this time, he does not survive but dies. His wife Sarah makes a claim and she is paid another lump sum of £250,000 by the insurance company. Similarly, Sarah suffers from Cancer at age 51 but survives and recovers after the treatment. Sarah makes a claim and a lump sum of £250,000 is paid to her by the insurance company. After 5 years, at age 56, Sarah eventually dies because of the Cancer. The surviving family makes a claim and they are paid another lump sum of £250,000 by the insurance company. Additionally, if any one of their 4 children suffers from any of the specified serious illnesses before the age of 21, the parents can claim and they will be paid a lump sum of £25,000 by the insurance company. Remember! This children cover is automatically built into the main policy without any additional premium. What a policy! Where each and every member of your family is financially protected against the unforeseen risks in life.

Enemies of Our Physical As Well As Financial Health
May you live long and have a healthy and wealthy life is a wish we have for everybody, but in reality, we know, it is a wishful thinking. We all know that health is wealth but we also know that there are a number of well-known enemies of, our life, our health and our wealth and to name a few—they are Stroke, Cancer, Heart Attack and the last but not the least—Death! Have you ever thought how your family will cope financially if you died or suffer from one of the above-mentioned serious illnesses?

Why Family Living Assurance Plan?
As enlisted above, there are risks in life and when they occur suddenly, they create several serious problems for us. In case of suffering from a serious illness, you may not be able to work anymore and the family income may cease or decrease. In case of death, the income will definitely cease indefinitely. Think where the monthly living expenses will come from? Think how the family will be able to repay the mortgage or any other loans? What about the children’s future education expenses? What about the children’s weddings expenses? Here comes our Family Living Assurance Plan which provides sensible answers to all these serious questions. Remember! Family Living Assurance Plan is an essential product, providing future financial protection for you and your family.

Family Living Assurance Plan—Is It Really Important?
Financial Security First!

Family Living Assurance Plan is the foundation, in building your financial future.
Secure Your Financial Future!

Family Living Assurance Plan is to secure the financial future of your near and dear ones.
Managing Risks In Life?

Family Living Assurance Plan is, about making provision, for the nasty effects of, dying too soon.
What A Policy!

When you stop working, Family Living Assurance Plan starts working.
A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed!

Family Living Assurance Plan, provides you money, at a time, you need it most.
Why Family Living Assurance Plan?

You need Family Living Assurance Plan, not because you are going to die, but going to live.

Reasons Why You Should Seek Advice from Us
Being an independent firm, Rainbow Associates is not tied to any one product provider. In order to find: a right product, from a right company, at a right price, we being qualified and authorized insurance advisors, have access to a wide range of insurance companies. Since treating customers fairly is our core value, we therefore perform an extensive research in arranging the top-rated insurance products from top-rated insurance companies at competitive prices.

As insurance products are very complex and so many different to choose from, we understand that it is difficult for you to choose the best cover on your own. Many people make the mistake of simply buying the cheapest cover they find and then discover that they are not able to make a claim. However, you need not to worry anymore, because we at Rainbow Associates know the insurance business inside out. You can shift all of your hassle and worry to one of our insurance advisors, who will do all the hard work for you from finding the best quote to filling in and submitting all the forms to the insurance company as well as chasing the insurance company to underwrite and accept the cover as soon as possible.

What Next?
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