Pub & Wine Bar Insurance
Running your own pub or wine bar is the dream of a lot of people, but, as any publican will tell you, the reality can be somewhat different. It’s a hectic business, so that’s why Rainbow Associates makes every effort to make Pub & Wine Bar Insurance as easy as possible. We know you have enough on your plate already without making Pub & Wine Bar Insurance yet another tiresome item on your lengthy “to do” list.
The key is in finding the best Pub & Wine Bar Insurance deal possible. No small matter but let us assist you in your search and you will notice the difference. Your Pub & Wine Bar Insurance can be tailored to the needs of your business & may include buildings cover if required.
Pub & Wine Bar Insurance may protect you and your business against fire, theft, smoke, explosion, lightning, earthquake, malicious damage, vandalism, storm, flood, subsidence & heave, escape of water and oil.
Pub & Wine Bar Buildings Insurance may cover main buildings and outbuildings including fixtures & fittings, gardens, boundary walls, gates, drives and paths etc.
Main Benefits May Cover
> Buildings cover (optional)
> Glass, canopies and signs cover
> Glass, canopies and signs cover
> Contents/stock cover
> Business interruption
> Property in the open
> Guests personal effects
> Goods in transitLoss of liquor license
> Computer breakdown
> Public & product liability cover
> Employer’s liability cover
> Accidental damage cover
> Legal Expenses
Reasons Why You Should Seek Advice From Us
Being an independent firm, Rainbow Associates is not tied to any one product provider. In order to find: a right product, from a right company, at a right price, we being qualified & authorized insurance advisors, have access to a wide range of insurance companies as well as the insurance wholesalers in the marketplace. Since treating customers fairly is our core value, we therefore perform an extensive market research in arranging the top rated insurance products, from top rated insurance companies at competitive prices.
As insurance products are very complex and so many different to choose from, we understand that it is difficult for you to choose the best cover on your own. Many people make the mistake of simply buying the cheapest cover they find and then discover that they are not able to make a claim. However, you need not to worry anymore, because we at Rainbow Associates, know the insurance business inside out. You can shift all of your hassle & worry to one of our insurance advisors, who will do all the hard work for you from finding the best quote to filling in and submitting all the forms to the insurance company as well as chasing the insurance company to underwrite & accept the cover as soon as possible.
What Next?
If you want to benefit from our expertise and need help and advice from one of our experienced insurance advisors, then you should fully complete the Enquiry Form provided on the right-hand side of this page, by ticking off the products you are interested in to discuss with us, as well as fill in a few basic details and send the enquiry form to us, so that one of our insurance advisors can contact you to make an appointment to discuss your insurance requirements at a time convenient for you.